Last updated on August 24th, 2021.

Springtime is upon us and it brings some holidays and fun celebration times. So I collected 10 delicious spring recipes to celebrate, Passover, Easter, and spring with all its glory.

10 Spring Recipes:

Funfetti Angel Food Cake

It’s tall, airy, and light like an angle which makes it the perfect way to welcome the warm weather. You can also have fun with some sprinkles or a spoon full of cream and some vibrant berries.

Spring Recipes

Cookie butter Cheesecake

Which is better, Cookie butter to cheesecake? Well, with this recipe you do not need to choose because not only it is a creamy and smooth cheesecake it also has a generous amount of cookie butter and speculoos cookies.

Spring Recipes

Lemon Sponge cheesecake

What is lemon sponge cheesecake? Well, it a light and airy cake, a sponge cake and also tastes just like a cheesecake. Yes, believe it, and it is just as good.

Spring Recipes

Carrot sheet cake

What says spring more than a carrot cake? This easy, timeless delicious treat can be baked as a sheet cake and also a layer cake.

Walnut Chocolate tart

A no bake dessert is a must during the warm season and this Walnut chocolate tart is LOADED with creamy chocolate and as impressive as delicious.

Spring Recipes

Easter bunny shortbread cookies

Spring means Easter right? These cookies are melt in your mouth shortbread cookies you can cut as easter bunny, Easter eggs, or any shape you have in mind.

Spring Recipes

Vanilla bean cake

At the end of the day, vanilla cake is always a good idea and this one-layer vanilla bean cake can be baked using gluten-free flour and also regular flour.

Spring Recipes

Amaretto passover cake

Spring also means it is Passover time. And one of the biggest commands in the Jewish tradition is to drink and be happy. Well, this Amaretto passover cake will make you happy with a dose of Amaretto.

Pretzel cream puffs

There is something so special about cream puffs that just makes us all happy. Maybe it’s the fact that each bite is an airy bite filled with creamy and light filling. This Pretzel cream puffs have fairly grind pretzel instead of flour which makes them even light with more room for filling.

Lemon Meringue Cookie Tarts

Spring is nothing but a hallway into summer. And is there anything that says summer more than lemon meringue? These cookies are tiny little lemon meringue tart all dressed up!

Lemon mint cake

If you’re a lemon fan, you need to try this Lemon mint cake. Lemon mint is probably the most delicious and also refreshing flavor combination ever!

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