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Basic Challah Bread Loaf

This basic challah bread loaf is a simple, easy and comforting recipe you can make using basic ingredients and your hands. I truly believe that […]

Easter Bunny Cookies

Easter bunny cookies are simple and easy shortbread cookies you can turn into a festive Easter (or any other holiday) dessert. Easter-themed desserts are the […]

Eggs Free Cupcakes

These Eggs Free Cupcakes are easy to make, require simple pantry ingredients and are the perfect pairing to go with sweet flavorful ice cream buttercream. […]

Carrot sheet cake

This carrot sheet cake is sweet, tender and moist. Smothered with silky smooth cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with chopped nuts, this cake brings spring […]

Walnut Chocolate Tart

Walnut Chocolate Tart is a simple however impressive dessert you can easily assemble in an hour or less. A nutty crust filled with dense chocolate […]

Funfetti Angel Food Cake

Tall, airy and tender Funfetti Angel Food Cake sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles and frosted with fluffy marshmallow frosting. THIS is a dessert from heaven. This […]