Cornetti, AKA little horn, is an Italian croissant. It is flakey, buttery, light and easier to make at home than we can think.

What Is Cornetti

The first step is making a soft and tender dough, and allow it to rest until double in size.

Step one, make the dough

Once ready, we will lock a block of butter into the dough, by rolling the dough into a rectangle, then folding an envelope fold with the butter inside.

Step two, Lock The Butter

Now, we roll roll and fold the dough three time to create the butter layers, refrigerating the dough between each fold.

Step three, roll and fold the dough

Now we will roll the dough and cut it into 4x8-inch triangles.

Step four: Shape the Cornetti

Then stretch, roll, proof again and bake to golden brown perfection!