Hand Painted Cake Inspired By Fashion

Cake Inspired By Fashion

In high school, I knew this girl. She applied her make up perfectly, she never wore the same outfit and her accessories made her look like she came out of Vogue Magazine. I met her again and again, thou as a different person each time during my college years, at my first job and even at the Preschool drop off spot.

I believe society refers to such a person as a “Fashionista”.

Despite my attempts, I am not one.

Because of the following reasons

When I tried to tie a cute little scarf around my neck I end up looking like Indiana Johns.  The only thing I do well with my hair is unintentionally fed it to my family.  A while back, I spent a good sum of money buying make up brushes which I ended up using as cake decorating tools. And as you can see in the pictures, I do paint my nails. With food coloring.


Going clothes shopping is not an easy or fun task for me. I get overwhelmed and end up spending my time and money at Micheals or Sur Le Table.

Which is why I was so happy when was introduced to the “One Awesome Momma” blog, written by Belle.

Belle is a busy mom of two, 3 y.o and younger. Yet somehow finds time to look Fashionista Awesome, lucky for me, SHE SHARES!

A while back she posted this splattered dress, for me it was love at first sight! Not only the dress is breath taking it inspired me to decorate a painted cake from the inside out. Good use of my brushes!



I can save my trips to visit Michaels and let Belle guide me thru the ever changing world of tops, bottoms, and Stilettos.

FYI, that girl from high school was and still is my close friend. I am happy to report she is just as pretty in the inside as her fashion closet is. Somehow, she never saw me as the fashion lost cause that I am and even did my make up on my wedding day

(We somehow manage to marry her sister with my husband’s cousin, because we wanted to be family…LOL)

I would love to see you cake decor inspiration! Shoot me an email!

How To Hand Paint A Cake!

  1. Frost and cover the cake in white Fondant. Allow the cake sit for about 18-24 hours. This way the Fondant will get a little hard on the exterior layer, which will allow us to have an easy work surface.
  2. Using a regular pencil, outline the “Stains”. If you are concern about the lead going on the cake, an edible light marker can be used, or skip to the third step and outline with a brush.
  3. Using your choice of color, with a thin brush outline the small stains that are drawn inside the large ones. Once out lined use a wider brush to fill in.
  4. Repeat step 4 with the large stains and continue painting the cake, until all lines are filled and painted.

The cakes in the picture are 6″. The blue and red layers are 5″ that I colored prior to baking.

Check out this JAM CAKE & BURNT SUGAR CAKE for other flavor ideas. This Chocolate cake would be a GREAT option! (for 8″ double the recipe).

About the Food Coloring I used:

This cake was decorated with Wilton Cake Paint set, which were designated for hand painting a cake. The colors seemed rather too thin for my design so I combined each color with a regular food coloring. The ratio I used was 1:1. For every tsp of cake pain color one tsp of regular color.


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    1. Thank you! You do need a steady hand and your mom’s voice saying :”In the lines…stay in the lines…” lol

  1. Wow this dress is FABULOUS and that cake matches it perfectly. I love these types of tutorials, and I would love to try my hand at painting a cake someday. Sounds like so much fun!

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