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Spring Recipes

Springtime is upon us and it brings some holidays and fun celebration times. So I collected 10 delicious spring recipes to celebrate, Passover, Easter, and […]

Pie pops

“Tender, delicious and so much fun.” This is the best way to describe these Pie pops. They can be made with fresh pie dough and […]

Cream Puffs Bonbons

Cream Puffs Bonbons are two desserts in one, small as chocolate truffles heart-shaped cream puffs topped with craquelin and filled with delicious smooth Raspberry Chocolate […]

Blueberry Browned Butter Babka

Blueberry Browned Butter Babka is a soft, comforting, and ridiculously delicious browned butter dough filled with a spiced blueberry filling. This post is sponsored by […]

Black Bottom Pecan Pie

What is Black Bottom Pecan Pie? Well, it is all the goodness coming from a pecan pie accompanied by a layer of creamy chocolate ganache. […]